Leveza - Lightness

Museu Da Luz, Luz, Portugal

June 4th to August 8th, 2021

Solo exhibition at Museu da Luz, Portugal. The architectural gem Museu da Luz is an ode to the village memory and a hope for the future to be built.

« A chuva cai na poeira como no poema de Li Bai » The rain falls on the dust, as in Li Bai’s poem. Eugenio de Andrade

Natural pigments such as Ultramarine and yellow Ocher are used in Alentejo villages to colour the houses with the hue of the landscape.

The art installation offers a dreaming pause during these global pandemic times.

In « Sala da Luz », specifically designed for the space, the set of paintings is 4 meters high.

Sound of water and birds courtesy of Museu da Luz.

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